We offer several ways for you to train and test in order to achieve your goals and even earn your martial arts black belt online or even earn you next Dan Level.

1. Train at one of our many affiliated schools.

2. Train through our online/video training program. Several styles available for online training, i.e. Taekwondo, Budo Ryu, Shotokan Karate, Krav Maga, and more.

3. Train with a combination of in person and video training.

4. Test in person at one of our many affiliated schools.

5. Test via video.

IIMAA’s mission is to provide and facilitate quality training opportunities for all our members world-wide. IIMAA has Member Instructors, Representatives and Board Members with high level black belts and certifications in many different systems which gives IIMAA members the opportunity to train and test in a variety of systems.

Our online program may benefit you if you live in an area without access to martial arts training, or perhaps you’re too shy to step into a school; maybe you just can’t make the time for a regular class schedule – IIMAA online training is the perfect solution for you to Earn your Martial Arts Black Belt Online!

The convenience of creating your own schedule of online martial arts classes and choosing where to practice is left completely up to you. IIMAA will help you to improve your physical fitness, while developing confidence and discipline.

We are dedicated to our members success and want to make training and testing as easy as possible for them. Call us today at 727-300-6950 for a free consultation on your current and future training.



Earn Martial Arts Rank for Police and Military Training.

Many law enforcement and military personnel have spent years training in defensive tactics and/or military combatives without any type of ranking or recognition. I.I.M.A.A. offers martial art rank for Police and Military Training, and instructor certifications in both areas. I.I.M.A.A. has instructors with law enforcement and military backgrounds to easily translate your experience and instruction into certification. Certification can be handled in one of two ways. 

The first method is to submit your back ground information to I.I.M.A.A. This would include a resume and copies of all training certificates. The second method is to attend a training course and be certified in person by an I.I.M.A.A. instructor.

IIMAA has several active and retired Police and Military Instructors that can train and or evaluate your current experience to help you reach your goals.

​Ranking will be based on years of experience, courses attended and any teaching time you may have. Ranking will be based on I.I.M.A.A.’s rank structure.You may choose to get rank, certification or both. If you meet the guidelines set up by the I.I.M.A.A. you will have National and International support and recognition. If you choose certification, you will also be eligible to instruct for Defensive Tactics International.

Don’t wait, call (727-300-6950) or email ( us today to see if you qualify to Earn Martial Arts rank for Police and Military Training.

Law Enforcement and Military Ranking Structure:

Rank Level    Years Experience   Required Instructor Experience Required

Yellow       1         6mth-1yr                                     None

Green       2         1yr-2yrs                                      None

Blue         3         3yrs-4yrs                                     None

​Red          4         4yrs-5yrs                                     Yes

​Black        5         5yrs-Up                                       Yes

Law Enforcement and Military Training



Hundreds of Drills (Games) that you can use to enhance your kid and adult classes  as well as your own  martial arts training.

Here is an example of a few great drills:

Sensei Says:

This is an old favorite. Just like Simon Says, but have the students do martial arts techniques or martial arts related activities. Students who fail to follow correct instructions at the correct time must sit down until the start of a new round. This drill develops focus, listening and concentration. Kids and parents love this drill.

Target Jumping:

Use a Pool Noodle (cut in half usually works best). Swing the noodle back and forth just off the ground and swing it higher towards the students head (carefully). The student must jump over and duck under the noodle. Have the other students count each successful pass to see which student gets the highest number of misses. Once the student is hit they sit down and wait for their next turn. This drill develops timing, coordination, concentration and leg strength.

Purchase 100 Martial Arts Drills in our store.

Members have access to many free drills. 

Martial Arts Training

Kukkiwon certification

Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters is the official governing organization of the sport of taekwondo. It was established by the South Korean government in 1973.

The Kukkiwon and the Korea Taekwondo Association hosted the first World Taekwondo Championships in May of 1973, with over 200 competitors from 17 countries in attendance. This paved the way for the establishment of World Taekwondo in 1973, the international federation that, today, governs the Olympic sport of taekwondo.


Kukkiwon devotes itself to spreading taekwando culture, spirit and history worldwide.

It does this by conducting overseas tours for poomsae training, leading international seminars and academic interchanges (e.g. World Taekwondo Leaders Forum), hosting the annual World Taekwondo Hanmadang (week-long festival) and sponsoring national hanmadangs in various countries around the world.

Kukkiwon administers the Poom-Dan (belt level) Promotion Test, which measures a trainees commitment to personal growth in taekwondo. Certificates (colored belts) issued by Kukkiwon are held in high esteem and are required to participate in events supervised by World Taekwondo. Worldwide there are over 9 million Kukkiwon poom-dan holders.

Poom-Dan certifications from Kukkiwon are valid anywhere in the world. As a Poom-Dan certificate holder, taekwondo practitioners aren’t just certified by their local schools, they are certified by the official governing organization of the sport of taekwondo.


united states judo association certification

 The USJA commits itself to spreading the art of Judo to the best of our abilities in the spirit of jita-kyoei, mutual benefit. This was Jigoro Kano's vision when he founded Judo, and we carry this philosophy on and off the tatami. We look forward to providing support, education, and a community of like-minded people to help foster the growth and expansion of Judo in the United States.

Our committees, members, and staff all have ample experience working with each other to create the best environment that facilitates people of all ages getting involved and integrating Judo and it's principles into their lives. We hope you enjoy your time here and explore the vast amount of services that we offer; from member services and club management options to webinars and clinics with the nation's top competitors and coaches.