Membership has its privileges:

​​​​– Rank advancement, Training and Consulting

– Ability to EARN your Kukkiwon Black Belt Online; and Kukkiwon Dan Advancement

– Online Training

– Ability to EARN your black belt or higher Dan rank

– Opportunity to catch up on your rank with our skip Dan process

– Masters and top School Owners are available to give you advice

– Rank Recognition, Reviewing and granting of ranks

– A central filing of all ranks and styles

– Recognition of your rank and authentic ranks of foreign countries

​- International Recognition, National Recognition and Regional Recognition

– Personal Consultation with the President of IIMAA

– Defensive Tactics Certification

– Advice on Improving your training

– Advice on Teaching

– Advice on Proper Advertisement

– Discount on Seminars

– Discount of Tournaments

– Discount of Equipment

- Kukkiwon Certification 

- American Judo Association Certification 

– Free resources including free drills for your classes, etc.

_ Free information on running a more successful business, etc.

​- And more…

I.I.M.A.A. is a multi-style Martial Arts Organization, Rank Advancement and Training Association, supporting the combat and self defense oriented martial arts community. 

Having over 1000 members from around the world, I.I.M.A.A. is a nationally and internationally recognized Centralized Governing Agency. I.I.M.A.A. provides standardized rank accreditation and promotion guidelines that are universally applied to all martial artists regardless of their training methods or philosophies.

The Mission of I.I.M.A.A. is to unify Martial Artists from around the world with a foundation of mutual respect for all styles or systems and to provide services and guidance to foster Technical Excellence, Fellowship and Human Character Development. I.I.M.A.A. is committed to Ensuing Integrity and Maintaining the Highest Standard in the Martial Arts Community. 

Politics are not tolerated within IIMAA! Each member is completely independent and can use IIMAA as much or as little as they feel necessary. We are here to support every member equally! 

IMAA is a leading Martial Arts Organization, Rank Advancement, Training Association dedicated to our members success! We offer ranking in MMA, Karate, BJJ, Taekwondo, Aikido, Judo and more.

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Additional Information

 IIMAA is an Internationally Recognized Worldwide Martial Arts Ranking and Training Organization.


– IIMAA certified ranking provides third party recognition of your knowledge and skills, nothing adds more credibility to your achievements than professional recognition.

– It demonstrates your commitment to your martial arts profession.

– It validates your martial arts training by meeting nationally/internationally recognized standards.​

– It confirms your competence.

– It reflects your achievements.

​- It builds your self-esteem.

​– It documents your experience and credentials.

– It improves your career opportunities and advancement.

– It provides you greater professional recognition from your peers.

– It helps to give you a competitive edge.



I already belong to an association, can I still join IIMAA?
Yes, IIMAA has numerous members from all over the world and most members do belong to other associations and martial arts organizations.


Can I rank my students through IIMAA and receive certificates for them?
Yes, as the Instructor, you would need to choose the School Charter Membership. You can then purchase color rank certificates. You can continue to charge your students the same testing fee as you have been. You make all the profit and your students are then ranked through one of the most respected associations in the world.


I no longer have an Instructor, nor, do I belong to any association. Can IIMAA help me advance in rank?
Yes, IIMAA is an Instructors Association. With the right amount of “time in grade” and the correct skill level, IIMAA can promote you to the next Black Belt rank.


Do I need to learn and teach techniques other than my own style of martial arts?
No, you continue to teach your style of martial arts and operate your school the way you like. Although, through our National Training Seminars you are able to learn new and exciting techniques and styles that will enhance teaching skills.

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If we consider the history of any traditional or modern Martial Art, we will find its connection to other Martial Arts. Before founding their own Martial Art the Master learned from other masters, other styles, read manuals and books about other Martial Arts. If it happens today, they watched videos, attended seminars and competitions. With that in mind, if they realize it or not, their views have influenced their Martial Art. That is why all the Martial Arts share some similar techniques, principles, strategies, tactics and philosophy. They share common roots from the past and can join together into a new Martial Art in the future. I.I.M.A.A. believes that all the Martial Arts are united. A Martial Artist is always thinking how to improve their Mastery. But thinking is always independent. That is why the Martial Artist is also always independent. Every Martial Art is being developed. There are no Martial Arts which have not been altered since they appeared. These changes can be more or less significant. If the name of the style then remains the same, we say that it is developing. If the name is changed, we see the appearance of a new Martial Arts school or a new Martial Arts style. All the Martial Arts were created by their Founders. Then the Founder, usually after the careful studies of one or several Martial Arts, their comparison, synthesis and change, announced the creation of his own style or Martial Arts school. All the Martial Arts were created in such a way. I.I.M.A.A. believes that the Founder is to define the requirements of his school or style by himself. I.I.M.A.A. was founded for the purpose of co-operation and mutual assistance, the development of the Combat oriented Martial Artists of different movements and Martial Arts styles, single combat, special martial systems. That is why I.I.M.A.A. includes not only traditional Martial Arts, but also modern systems of self-defense, survival, law enforcement and military systems. IIMAA is recognized worldwide as the premier Martial Arts Ranking Organization

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