Earn your Martial Arts Black Belt Online


We offer several ways for you to train and test in order to achieve your goals and even earn your martial arts black belt online or even earn you next Dan Level.

1. Train at one of our many affiliated schools.

2. Train through our online/video training program. Several styles available for online training, i.e. Taekwondo, Budo Ryu, Shotokan Karate, Krav Maga, and more.

3. Train with a combination of in person and video training.

4. Test in person at one of our many affiliated schools.

5. Test via video.

IIMAA’s mission is to provide and facilitate quality training opportunities for all our members world-wide. IIMAA has Member Instructors, Representatives and Board Members with high level black belts and certifications in many different systems which gives IIMAA members the opportunity to train and test in a variety of systems.

Our online program may benefit you if you live in an area without access to martial arts training, or perhaps you’re too shy to step into a school; maybe you just can’t make the time for a regular class schedule – IIMAA online training is the perfect solution for you to Earn your Martial Arts Black Belt Online!

The convenience of creating your own schedule of online martial arts classes and choosing where to practice is left completely up to you. IIMAA will help you to improve your physical fitness, while developing confidence and discipline.

We are dedicated to our members success and want to make training and testing as easy as possible for them. Call us today at 561-302-7065 for a free consultation on your current and future training.