Martial Arts Business Resources

Below are just some of the Martial Arts Business Resources you have access to as a member of IIMAA.

Just login to your account and go to the store pages to view the free resources.


School Manual Template

Bully Prevention Program

Employee Manual Template

Pizza Party Program

Honor Student Program (Bring in 30 – 60 new potential students every month)

Patch System

Birthday Party Program

Nerf Wars Program

Marketing Tips

In House Marketing Tips

Rank Certificate Templates

Referral Contest Program

Women’s Self-Defense Program

In House Tournament Program

Summer Camp Program

How to take an Info Call

Student Welcome Brochure

Sales Systems

Lesson Plans

Business Plans

How to Negotiate a Lease

School Statistics Forms

100 Martial Arts Drills

Student Waivers

Krav Maga Program

BJJ Program

How to get into your Local School

Press Release Templates

Holiday Sales Promotions (Christmas, Halloween, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc.)

How to Handle Walk ins

How to Enroll More Students

And much, Much More…

The martial arts industry has a history of teaching children of all ages how to kick, block, punch and respect the learning process and other people both in and out of the studio. In addition, great martial arts schools teach children to be confident performing. We provide the resources, tools and business services that owners and program managers like YOU need to take YOUR martial arts business to the next level!