International Independent Martial Artist Association FAQS

Q. Do I keep my rank when I join I.I.M.A.A.?
A. Yes. (Black-Belts and Instructors must submit a copy of their present rank certificate).

Q. Can I advance in rank with I.I.M.A.A.?
A. Yes. Up to 8th Dan Black-Belt through time in rank, video and/or written examination process.

Q. Do I need to change my techniques, forms, sparring and training style?
A. No.

Q. Can I keep my membership in other organizations and still join I.I.M.A.A.?
A. Yes. I.I.M.A.A. members are encouraged to draw quality resources from many styles and organizations.

​Q. When should I join I.I.M.A.A.?
A. If you are sincere about your desire to advance in your martial arts education and training, and you are sincere about helping others, then NOW is the time. You have found a non-political international organization dedicated to the continuing development and evolution of the martial arts. If you are an Instructor who would like to assist and have a voice in the development and refinement of the martial arts, then NOW is the time to join. If you are tired of organizations that demand a lot, offer little and have many strings and restrictions, then NOW is the time to join I.I.M.A.A.

Call us at 561-302-7065 or email us at mg@iimaa.net for any other questions you may have.